Quality Graphene Paste For Li-ion Battery


Product Introduction
A novel conductive additive for LIB, it can increase the capacity, lower the IR, improve the rate, cycling life, high & low temperature performance and safety performance.

Value Core
Highly dispersed, good stability & processability
Extraordinarily high electrical & thermal conductivity, good processability? 
Less additive quantity, lower resistance, higher capacity
Lower IR, more powerful, longer life & higher safety

Application Field
Additive of Cathode & Anode in LiB 
Functional Coating of current collector (Copper foil & Aluminum foil)

Technical Index

 ItemUnit external properties Graphene content Additives content solvent
GNL-O black slury 5-10wt% 1-2% NMP
GNL-H black slury 5-10wt% 1-2% WATER


test item unit technical index
solid content % 6.0±0.5
dispersing agent % 1.0±0.2
Viscosity (rotational viscometer) mPa.s(25℃) ≤500
electrical conductivity Powder resistance S/cm ≤400  
Main impurity conten Fe ppm ≤50

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