Graphene powder


Graphene powder for  coating and printing ink

Graphene powder for coating and printing ink and conducting polymers and battery and fuel cells raw materials


The performance and the application
This series of products can be covalent and non covalent functionalization, so it can be widely used in composite materials, optoelectronic materials and devices and biomedicine fields.

This series of products with a thickness of 1~20nm, chip size is 1~50 um, stably dispersed in various organic solvents in the high-speed stirring or ultrasonic conditions, with high specific surface area and higher thermal conductivity properties, thus can improve the material corrosion and high temperature characteristics, can be used as conductive agent (plastic, coating, rubber), antistatic material, electrode material (chemical power source, sensors, solar cells, fuel cells) and catalyst carrier etc..

• Thermal management and heat spreading
• EMI Shielding
• Electrodes for batteries and super capacitors
• Conductive substrate for bio-sensors
• Resistance heating
• High-barrier packaging
• Reinforcement for composites
• Water treatment

Product packaging, storage and transportation 
1. Packaging: plastic bottles, plastic bags or bottled.
2. Storage: This product should avoid light sealed in a dry environment, and the temperature is not higher than 35°C. With no toxic and harmful gases, volatile matter and pollution source contact. Keep away from fire.
3.transportation: in the process of transportation, avoid sunlight and damp, prohibition and hard mixed, forbid throwing, light light unloading.

Safety precautions
    Need to wear proof mask the use of the process, to avoid direct contact with the skin.                


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