Infrared Heating Mat


Heating Way:The 360-degree Steree HeatingSize:1.8m*2 1.5*1.9 1.7*0.75
Life Time:>50Voltage:220v/110v/12v/18V/36V

carbon fiber flexible electrothermal film is also applicable to the ordinary electric heating film all the construction environment and can be directly laid on the sofa, mattress, can do heater as heating mattress, carbon fiber heating jade mattress, cushion, car mats, table mats heating heating, heating pads, heating clothing etc..

The industrial field can also be used for thermal insulation, water pipe and oil pipeline insulation. As well as freeway, ramp, bend, stadium, airport runway, and other snow melting and heat preservation.

The derivatives of carbon fiber electrothermal film include carbon fiber heating wallpaper, carbon fiber flexible heating fresco, carbon fiber flexible heating curtain, carbon fiber physiotherapy instrument and so on.


The Infrared Heating Bed Mat is soft and belongs to the only soft, foldable electrothermal film. It does not need to be laid on the flat surface like other electric heating films.

Pure carbon fiber:

The heating body of the soft film is a filament carbon fiber, which is a civil type (industrial filament carbon fiber is very brittle), and is a national high-tech product. (the current market circulation of "carbon fiber electrothermal film" "black film", the vast majority of heat material is soaked in carbon mesh cloth, and carbon fiber has nothing to do with it.

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