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Are you tired of paying to stand in linefor Hot Yoga or Pilates studios?Have you avoided them because they’re too expensiveor too crowded?But at what cost? There’s more than 70,000 yoga teachers aroundthe world because it works. Now it can work for you.

Your own in-home hot yoga studioHot Yoga, Pilates – even resistancework outs

Far infrared heating mat is a fitness tool that radiates Far Infrared heat waves deep into your body.

These heat waves are tuned at the perfect frequency to penetrate deeply for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
Once you’re on it, four powerful forces instantly begin to improve your fitness.
Infrared Heat Mat specifications
Item and Mode S-117 Infrared heating mat
Voltage 110V-240V
Power 220W
Temperature 25-80°C
Time 5-60min
Payment method T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal
Functions Warm up before exercising
Use it to cool down after vigorous exercise
Relax on a mat
Helps sooth back pain
Use it to sleep on
Lie on it while watching TV or reading, listening to music etc…
Material Advanced PU Coral fleece
Service One year warranty Accept OEM
Product size 150*60cm(Length and Width)
Package and GW 86*46*20cm,3pcs/carton, GW: 9KG
 This heating mat  is specially designed for 2 usage bake and front  It has the characteristic of increasing metabolism rate, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the nerves and alleviates insomnia, removing fatigue and restores vitality, relieving the condition of various muscle pains and keeping warm during cold weather.
Safety Normal volts is applied with this system without any safety worries. Therefore, it becomes the first consideration of choice in beauty saloons and weight losing places in Europe and America.
Safety Even with our normal AC Power ( High Voltage ) consumption
Safety Water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position. ( UL specification )
Safety The Heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends.
1.First-class intelligent design:advanced technology of far infrared technology make more contribution to us all.
2.Good material:PU waterproof material and antibacterial
3.Long time use,high efficiency4.Widely welcomed in the community  Getting in great shape, looking and feeling exceptional does not have to be hard
It doesn’t have to take too much time, hurt or require you to go to those special, busy, expensive classes where they’re already in shape.

Huikang Infrared Heat Matspace age technology is the Patent Pending miracle yoga exercise mat that uses Far Infrared heat to penetrate your body – deep enough to melt fat, burn calories, eliminate pain, detoxify and increase flexibility also makes a great pilates exercise mat.
Electric power machine, carbon fiber heat elements yoga mat 
1.convenient hand controller
2.far infrared tech.
3.carbon fiber wire,PU surface
4.Remove fatigue and restore energy
5.Speed up blood circulation and relieve pain
6.Keep warm during cold weather
7.Warm up before exercising
8.Use it to cool down after vigorous exercise
9.Take it with you when you travel-comes with a handy, attractive carry bag
10. Relax on a far infrared heating mat
11.Helps sooth back pain
12.Use it to sleep on
13.Lie on it while watching TV on reading, listening to music etc... 
1. The radiant heat stimulates the body to heat up from the inside, melting fat and purging harmful toxins. 
2. You’ll instantly start to burn calories as the radiant heat produces a cardio workout and accelerates deep perspiration. 
3. And, deep heat waves penetrate muscles to instantly increase flexibility and your range of motion so you can propel past your current physical fitness level. There’s never been anything like the Huikang Infrared Heat Mat anywhere, it is not available it in stores
Compared with other infrared heating mat our products have the following features:
1.Suitable for both pilates and yoga exercises.
2.Can be used for both home exercises and gym workout.
3.Light weight,roll up easily and very convinient to carry around.
4.Feel soft and comfortable to touch or sit on.
5.Shock absorbent,effectively protect you from injury
8.Washable,easy to keep clean
9.Durable,won't wear out easily
10.Customized logo printing or texture
11.Automatic regulation of temperature and time of digital remote control
12.One overheating protection devices in mat, Automatic thermal cut-off.
13.No extra tools or professional needed
14.Take it with you when you travel – comes with a handy, attractive carry bag
Product details

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